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What is a TMT Test?

Several people experience problems with their arteries and coronary blockages due to heart ailments. The point is that it is difficult to find their presence and symptoms, as they rarely show any significant symptoms. The person might seem perfectly alright from the outside apart from experiencing a little chest pain.

With the help of the TMT test, it is possible to compare the circulation of the blood in the heart where a patient is resting and when put under pressure. Although many stress tests exist, the common is one is the treadmill test.

How is TMT Test Useful

With the help of the TMT test, it is possible to determine whether the patient is suffering from silent ischemia. The TMT test is useful for those who had their first heart attack or history of heart attacks. The TMT test utilizes exercise as the tool to determine the extreme shortness of the breath, dizziness, weakening in the breath, and discomfort or pain in the chest that determines the underlying heart condition. TMT test will also help in understanding the functionality of the medicines.

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